Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall is in the air...

I love this time of year - the temperature outside, the leaves changing - it is so beautiful! I bought some plants for the front porch several weeks ago that were beautiful and perfect for fall. Unfortunately we were out of town in late September for a weekend and it was really hot - needless to say they had a short life. I must buy more and this time I will do better keeping them alive.

Anyway, things in the Bell house are going GREAT! We have just returned from Indianapolis where we spent the weekend with the newest member of the Bell clan - our niece. She is the most adorable niece, maybe ever! Michael and I really enjoyed our trip seeing both of his brothers which we do not do often enough. On our way home we stopped an a HUGE outlet mall and I hit the jackpot at Ann Taylor. My sweet hubby bought me all kinds of clothes. He is sooooo good to me!

Ballet is off to a great start this year with really good kids in all my classes! There are some funny ones always who say the things that I just don't get but it keeps it entertaining to say the least...

Michael went to the race in Talladega. Unfortunately Dale Jr. did not have a good day - but I think Michael still had fun with his dad. An Irish man at a Nascar race - that is one you don't hear about every day. >:)

Well, just wanted to give everyone a quick update and let you know that all is well with us.

Take Care!
With love,
Michael & Laura