Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Tacky Christmas Party with Friends - we looked ridiculous but we had fun!

Mom on Christmas day

Michael and Dad

My stocking from Ann and Bill
I believe my mom's comment was "Ann and Laura are cut from the same mold" - I think that "mold" is the best one to be cut from :)
Michael and our niece Moira
Moira loved the bear rug we gave her!

The Bell Family - Take 2 (we did not make a 3rd attempt)

Our living room on Christmas morning!

Our stocking contents...

Michael and I had a wonderful Christmas spending time together and with our family. We split time between my parents house and his parents house as we always do - it really makes it nice that our 2 families are so close.

I started Christmas Eve by heading to mom and dad's to do some cooking with my mom and Stephanie - I look so forward to this each year - it is our time to catch up and hang out! After Michael got off work at noon we headed to eat lunch with James, Anne and Andrew at Davenport's Pizza. Then headed to the Bell's house to see our niece Moira - she is so adorable! After some time at the Bell house it was time to head to Mom and Dad's for the traditional Christmas Eve get together. Mom, Dad, the Honeycutt clan, Uncle Wayne and Michael and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve together just hanging out and of course, the guys watched some football game :).

Christmas day was spent at home in the morning where Michael and I exchanged gifts and then we were off. First to mom and dad's for gifts and food! Then to the Bell house for gifts and more food! Yes we eat 2 Christmas dinners :)

Michael unfortunately had to work on Friday so we headed home about 11:00 after a fun filled day. We were once again reminded as we celebrated Christ's birthday that family and friends are what is most important to us!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous New Year!

With all our love!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just some various pics to share

This is a picture of Birmingham's beautiful fall scenery...

...unfortunately this pic is a little cloudy...

...and another!

After lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with Meagan, Amanda & PJ Williams. I kept these kids when they were just that - KIDS! It was a great time catching up after about 5+ years

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lovin' the Beach

Michael and his momma

The view from our condo

Michael braving the COLD water!

This is actually the only time I stepped foot on the sand

Michael I recently spent the weekend in Panama City at the beach with his parents. While it was a little chilly - not bad considering it is November - we had a wonderful time. Here are just a few pics from our trip!

Stay Blessed!
Michael & Laura

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall is in the air...

I love this time of year - the temperature outside, the leaves changing - it is so beautiful! I bought some plants for the front porch several weeks ago that were beautiful and perfect for fall. Unfortunately we were out of town in late September for a weekend and it was really hot - needless to say they had a short life. I must buy more and this time I will do better keeping them alive.

Anyway, things in the Bell house are going GREAT! We have just returned from Indianapolis where we spent the weekend with the newest member of the Bell clan - our niece. She is the most adorable niece, maybe ever! Michael and I really enjoyed our trip seeing both of his brothers which we do not do often enough. On our way home we stopped an a HUGE outlet mall and I hit the jackpot at Ann Taylor. My sweet hubby bought me all kinds of clothes. He is sooooo good to me!

Ballet is off to a great start this year with really good kids in all my classes! There are some funny ones always who say the things that I just don't get but it keeps it entertaining to say the least...

Michael went to the race in Talladega. Unfortunately Dale Jr. did not have a good day - but I think Michael still had fun with his dad. An Irish man at a Nascar race - that is one you don't hear about every day. >:)

Well, just wanted to give everyone a quick update and let you know that all is well with us.

Take Care!
With love,
Michael & Laura

Thursday, September 4, 2008

For our family and friends...

Michael and I are excited to have started this blog to keep all of our family and friends up to date on our life. We are excited about all the God has in store for us throughout our life together and wish to share those memories with you whether you are near or far.

and so I begin...

Michael is currently employed with Regions Bank, working in the loan department. I am teaching ballet - this is my 13th year which is hard to believe! This school year I am teaching at Briarwood Ballet, God's House Kindegarten and Evangel Classical Christian School.

In addition to our jobs we are working together at a business project. It has always been fun working together, but is now becoming amazing. Over the last few months we have really been seeing things click and we are beginning to reap a harvest of the seeds that we have sown. God is always faithful to His promises!

We live in Hoover about 25 minutes from my parents, 25 minutes from Michael's parents and 10 minutes from lots of great shopping! If anyone from overseas wants to come and visit, I will be more than happy to direct you all through the malls around town - right Ann and Bill?!? Hey- someone has to pay the price.

Michael and I have an amazing family and equally amazing friends. We are privileged with the friends and mentors that God has put in our life to help guide us on our journey together.

Michael is still as disciplined as ever when it comes to going to the gym and working out. He gets to play a little ice hockey - well he will get to again when the rink is back up and running. They have had some pipe issue that has had the rink closed for about a month now. He also enjoys Nascar and is looking forward to going to the Talladega race in October with his dad.

I enjoy being home, watching good romantic comedies which are hard to find these days, sitting on my back porch reading a good book, as well as my all time favorite pasttime - shopping.

Well that is all for now as I must head downstairs and tackle the first load of clothes that has just buzzed at me from the dryer. Check back soon as I will keep you up to date on adventures in our life.

Much love to you all!
God Bless!