Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Tacky Christmas Party with Friends - we looked ridiculous but we had fun!

Mom on Christmas day

Michael and Dad

My stocking from Ann and Bill
I believe my mom's comment was "Ann and Laura are cut from the same mold" - I think that "mold" is the best one to be cut from :)
Michael and our niece Moira
Moira loved the bear rug we gave her!

The Bell Family - Take 2 (we did not make a 3rd attempt)

Our living room on Christmas morning!

Our stocking contents...

Michael and I had a wonderful Christmas spending time together and with our family. We split time between my parents house and his parents house as we always do - it really makes it nice that our 2 families are so close.

I started Christmas Eve by heading to mom and dad's to do some cooking with my mom and Stephanie - I look so forward to this each year - it is our time to catch up and hang out! After Michael got off work at noon we headed to eat lunch with James, Anne and Andrew at Davenport's Pizza. Then headed to the Bell's house to see our niece Moira - she is so adorable! After some time at the Bell house it was time to head to Mom and Dad's for the traditional Christmas Eve get together. Mom, Dad, the Honeycutt clan, Uncle Wayne and Michael and I enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve together just hanging out and of course, the guys watched some football game :).

Christmas day was spent at home in the morning where Michael and I exchanged gifts and then we were off. First to mom and dad's for gifts and food! Then to the Bell house for gifts and more food! Yes we eat 2 Christmas dinners :)

Michael unfortunately had to work on Friday so we headed home about 11:00 after a fun filled day. We were once again reminded as we celebrated Christ's birthday that family and friends are what is most important to us!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous New Year!

With all our love!


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joshua.moore said...

HAHA. the pictures from the Tacky Christmas Party are great!!!