Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Summertime of Fun

Michael and I had an amazing summer that included family time, the beach, fun with friends, and some work around the house.

We had to have several trees removed in our yard that basically had taken over. Well the removal of 2 large trees in the front led to some much needed yard work - thanks mom and dad for the much needed help!

This is the before (yes, there is a house behind all that!)

and the AFTER

(we had lots of neighbors comment...I think it might have been their nice way of saying "it's about time")

While the yard work was difficult and is certainly not my idea of a fun weekend, I am really pleased with the end result. After the trees were removed we planted some beautiful plants in the front bed and by the mailbox! We also planted a lorapetalum in the large bed...right now it is little but soon it will be huge - these are my favorite!

Now for the real fun - The BEACH!

Michael and I really enjoy the beach and his parents bought a beautiful condo in Panama City Beach last year. We have been able to create some wonderful memories with family and friends and look forward to many more. Here are a couple of pics from this summer...

Michael and I with my parents on the pier...

not that you can tell...but this is Michael...doing something he has always wanted to do...


this is the view from the condo balcony...

and the pool...

on the beach!

Well, that's about all from the summer...but I will update you again soon with Fall Livin'



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Lisa A said...

Definitely agree with the neighbors about those trees! Your house is so pretty, you definitely needed to show it off!